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The horizon comes over the hills and breaks onto my eyes.
The rising sun on my armor shines.
Through my blonde bangs my blue eyes gaze.
Over the world of Vana'diel; the world in which I spent many days.

I saved the world more than once,
The stakes were high and rewards just.

To many lands I always roamed,
Bastok never was my only home.

I braved the dunes and I survived,
I unearthed the Zilart and touched the skies.

I severed the chains of a god most foul,
I explored worlds covered in shrouds.

I defeated NMs big and small,
I proved my patience and camped them all.

Many allies helped guide my way,
While many still would fade away.

I was a mercenary for an empire in need,
I stood tall with the sentinels during  siege.

I explored across land and sea,
And answered each and every plea.

I stood on mountains gazing far,
I wished and hoped on every star.

Delkfutt's tower I did climb,
Gustav tunnel I did mine.

Many enemies laid in my way,
My weapons took me through the fray.

I learned each and every class,
And every test I would pass.

In Altepa Desert I did stride,
In Crawler's Nest I did hide.

I shattered my limits and proved my worth,
I overcame every obstacle in my search.

I progressed through skill every day,
Not even Bahamut could stand in my way.

I mended many broken wings,
I unearthed treasures fit for kings.

I stepped forth in Al'Taieu on floors of blue,
I stepped back in time to wars and feuds.

I sought out dungeons far and wide,
And I sought the secrets that they hide.

I laid the Shadow Lord to rest,
I surpassed all of Maat's tests.

The secrets of this world I did learn,
The powers I gained I would hone.

I fought hard to preserve the light,
I never backed down from any fight.

In Lufaise Meadows my eyes did gaze,
In Promyvion my memories dazed.

Many HNMS I would fell,
Many Beastmen I would quell.

I travelled in conquest at every turn,
The Aggro habits of mobs I learned.

Many frustrations I did survive,
From death I always revived.

I encountered every Avatar in my path,
I unlocked their powers and their wrath.

Artifact Armor I did seek,
Even in dungeons most bleak.

Castle Zvhal I did infiltrate,
Temple of Uggalepih I did hate.

The Kirin Osode I never obtained,
In the dunes many mobs I trained.

I waited for airships left and right,
I brought down the god of twilight.

I overcame the emperor of Jeuno,
I got lost in the Labyrinth of Onzozo.

I battled hard in Dynamis,
I struggled for life in Limbus.

Many parties I did join,
Many levels I did gain.

Many days went by on my quest,
Every minute I tried my best.

The Boyahda Tree I knew well,
Einherjar I thought was hell.

In Selbina I spent most of my days,
In Aht Urghan I spent  my AFKs.

The Black coffin I sought out,
The Crystal Fighters I knocked out.

I sought out Gil in every way,
I was always poor at the end of the day.

Many Sushi I did buy,
Many Warps I did supply.

Many armors and weapons I did gain,
Each and every piece was such a pain.

I was killed by goblins in every way,
Without Sneak and Invis I did pray.

I became king of the Opo-Opo,
I even raised my own Chocobo.

In Wajaom Woodlands many Calibri died,
In Quifim Island many pugils were fried.

I hummed along in Rolanberry fields,
I craved the weapon Tenzen wields.

Caedarva Mire I would always dread,
Konchstat Highlands I would always tread.

Tiamat and Vrtra both I killed,
Serket's ring drop made me thrilled.

Each and every spell I did earn,
Each and every nation I did learn.

Shantotto called me a 'Total Loser',
Salaheem's insults seemed much harsher.

To Mordion Gaol I never fell,
My Dynamis bills I could never sell…

Many BCNM seals I did spend,
Many KSNMs I did attend.

I wore my Haubergeon all the time,
I never could wait for level fifty nine.

Eald'narche's reign I did stop,
Lion's sacrifice was not forgot.

King Behemoth I did kill,
Fafnir proved to be a thrill.

Many Kuftal Tunnel parties I was in,
From Guivre those same parties ran.

Garlaige Citadel I cursed the name,
Forever across Sauromogue campaign.

Into the past I ventured with head held high,
With strength and courage I faced Apocalypse nigh.

Weaponskills with fury I did use,
Many Warp cudgels I did abuse.

A NPC buddy I did befriend,
A power leveler was a godsend.

So many quests I did complete,
Each one was quite a feat.

The Sunbreeze festival I did enjoy,
Christmas in Jeuno was always a joy.

Many ranks I climbed in my time,
Many friends I would align.

Many linkshells I did own,
On many adventures I did go.

I had Zeid and Aldo always at my side,
Even when nations would collide.

The entire world I fought to protect,
The many I would come to respect.

My heart is my sword and my time spent is forever in my mind.
I stand on this cliff with my head held high and as these memories go by I sigh.
A land so vast and an experience I will never forget.
Music and gameplay I'll always miss.
My name is Diamante; Great Katana I hone.
A wandering Samurai who's braved it all.
A young Dragoon who's skill was unknown.
An aspiring Black Mage who always stood tall.
A growing Paladin who's courage would never fall.
Once before I was a young hume in Bastok my journey began anew.
I stepped forth in Gustaberg my soul yearning to learn and grow.
I would forever be on a quest to find my place and find my own.
This is Vana'diel…. this will always be my home.
This is a poem I made in tribute to my favorite MMO and favorite time I ever spent in a game, Final Fantasy XI.
For me Final Fantasy XI was more than just an MMO. It was a game I poured a lot of time in and became very immersed. Even today Final Fantasy XI is one of the most nostalgic and one of my most fond memories of a video game I've ever had.
Unfortunately like many games of Square-enix, it isn't the game that is bad it's Square-enix. Their policies on the game grew stale, I even tried going back to play it awhile back and couldn't for the life of me even manage to pay for it. It's kinda sad that such a good game is under such horrendous company control.
Besides... I played back in prime of FFXI, I doubt the game will be as immersive or fun as it was back then.
I quit FFXI back in 2008 after 4 years of playing, but I always have urges to go back to play ever so often.

This poem is dedicated to everyone that played Final Fantasy XI. To those who can relate to every verse and smile and say, "I've been there!" Most of all this poem recollects my own fond memories of the game and is meant to be very emotional, but does have some humor in it.
To all you FFXI players, thanks for reading and hope you get the same feeling of nostalgia I'm feeling. ;_;

Diamante ~ Seraph Server (Now Kujata)
Hume Male
[link] Some of My accomplishments.
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Seimyx Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Love it! :love:
Very nostalgic! Played for 7 good years. I could relate so much!
Darktaru Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Too long for me to read >_> But anyways, dude I remember you in Seraph, we played a couple times together, good to see fellow Seraph ppl in DA!
TifaIA Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
A very lovely poem. I'm still in the game (7 years and counting!) and I can relate to your experience. Great work. ^^
Fellier Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011  Professional General Artist
Read every single line, I still play but I know what you mean.. payment methods are such a headache now. The best of friends I made there, but so many left without a way to contact outside made me sad. I miss the old days of FFXI, before new stuff like Abyssea, when Wings of the Goddess had JUST come out, and reaching 75 was always hard, but worth the effort. :heart:
truecake Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
Now this speaks out to me, haha. What a great poem... I remember my FFXI days very well, though I didn't get as far as you have (60 DRG was my highest) and I spent most of my time goofing off in the game since I was young and silly at the time. But yes... great memories to be had. This was a great read, not to mention the little picture included reminds me of my dear Hume. :)
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